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RadoNorm Subtask 6.3.1 - Citizen science pilot-project - Application in France - Documents - 2021~20222023-02-16 16:10:45Published: Open access to everyone
Bone marrow-derived extracellular vesicles miRNA and bone marrow cell proteome profiling from irradiated CBA/Ca mice 2023-01-30 09:47:30Restricted: Downloaders have to ask uploader for file access
LCL2022-12-12 15:45:02Restricted: Downloaders have to ask uploader for file access
RadoNorm pilot study report from public opinion survey, Belgium 2020-2021 Development of a modular questionnaire for investigating societal aspects of radon and NORM2022-04-19 12:39:08Published: Open access to everyone
Radiation Quality critical description2022-04-04 12:35:18Published: Open access to everyone

STOREDB is a platform for the archiving and sharing of the primary data outputs from research on low dose radiation. It also provides a directory of bioresources and databases containing information and materials that investigators are willing to share. STORE supports the creation of a low dose radiation research commons. STORE was and is funded under contract numbers 23228 (STORE), 249689 (DoReMi), 662287 (CONCERT) and 900009 (RADONORM) from the EC Euratom Programme.

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STOREDB is maintained by the Bundesamt fuer Strahlenschutz.


How can STOREDB help you

STOREDB can help Investigators, Funders and Journals:

  • It provides a stable and accessible platform where data and resources are discoverable through metadata tags taken from standard ontologies and minimal information standards.
  • Large datasets can be deposited securely for sharing with colleagues or the whole community, and long term archiving.
  • Provision of accession numbers, PURLs and Digital object identifiers allows authors to reference primary data in publications.
  • Investigators with collections of biomaterials and local databases can alert the community to their existence and it is easy to search for collaborators who may have scarce or unique material useful to your studies.
  • STORE can help with self archiving of your publications. (Check publishers' policies here)
Data Management

Management of our research data and its stable archiving is an essential part of the research enterprise, and critical to data sharing and reuse. STOREDB can help you with data archiving and sharing and is a trusted repository with long term sustainability.

An important part of data sharing is the creation of a data management plan, now mandated by many research funding organisations. Science Europe have recently produced some very helpful documents about how to put together a Data Management Plan and how to make sure that your data is shared FAIRly.
These can be found on the Science Europe website.

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